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pause and resume

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I see that many use new mytask. Execute(urls this presents a problem if i want to start loading and stop loading images on demand. If i use the async task per image then i need new async task for each image, that's a lot of 'new' to make, i can use a pool, but if too many async tasks are stuck, i will still create about 150-200 asyc tasks. What do you guys think? I think a thread will do a nicer job here:. Keep on running till killed. Try to get a job from the queue, if not jobs, wait.

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I am currently seeing the activity called twice, or something that resembles this type of behavior. Since the screen does that 'swipe left' kind of transition to the next activity, it sometimes does it twice (and when I hit back, it goes back to the same activity). It's obvious two versions of the activity that should only get called once are being put on the Activity stack. Could this be from both onPostExecute s executing simultaneously and both checking the flags each other set at the exact same time? This seems extremely unlikely since two processes would have to be running line-by-line in parallel. A lot removed from this question since i was way off in what I thought was wrong. Nonetheless I found the answer here quite useful, so i have edited the question to reflect the useful parts. View 1 Replies view Related Sep 19, 2010 I'm about to create a lazy image plan loader for images both from device and from the web for a listView. I'm thinking of what to use and how, on one hand i can use a thread that pools my request (always running, and i can attach a view and an adapter and it will handle the image loading for me cache my allready loaded images. I had another thought of using the AsyncTask like many suggest in the forum. Terhe is one drawback though.

Bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar bar The second AsyncTask never gets executed. If I change the order of the execute statements, only the foo task will produce output. Am I missing something obvious here and/or doing something stupid? Is it not possible to run two AsyncTasks at the same time? I realized the phone in question runs Android.5, i updated the problem descr. I don't have this problem with an htc hero running Android.1. View 1 Replies view Related may 8, 2010 I have three pelleas simultaneous instances of an AsyncTask for download three files. When two particular ones finish, at the end of onPostExecute i check a flag set by each, and if both are true, i call startActivity for the next Activity.

pause and resume

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I need to update the data periodically. View 3 Replies view Related nov 1, 2010 I'm trying to run two AsyncTasks at the same time. (Platform is Android.5, htc management hero.) However, only the first gets executed. Here's a simple snippet to describe my problem: code. The output i expect is: onCreate is done. Bar bar bar foo foo foo bar bar bar foo foo foo and. However, what I get is: onCreate is done.

This makes the thread pool to use 5 threads to multiplex the queued AsyncTasks. This indeed solved my problem. Now if mt1 blocks on a sleep; mt2 goes ahead and finishes its job. Here are some questions for those who know more about AsyncTask implementation: Is this work-around right? If yes, can the core_pool_size be made configurable in future, via an api call? Is there a solution by which multiple thread pools can be used? Let me add that, i am aware that this is a phone and not a web server - i am not using 10s of threads to do network I/O. However a single thread is not sufficient for my app either. View 5 Replies view Related Sep 1, 2010 i am getting data from the server using AsyncTask.

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pause and resume

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View 7 Replies view Related Jun 26, 2009 i am replacing the report multithreaded code in my app with the AsyncTask from.5. I found that two AsyncTasks do not work concurrently. I investigated a bit and found a workaround; I would like second opinion if my solution is right. Or if there is a better solution. AsyncTask allows the app to essay do a task on a thread other than the ui thread. But iiuc, it only provides a single thread on which a queue of tasks is performed. Therefore, if one of the task is to wait on some event (n/w or sleep) then all other tasks will wait for it to finish.

To elaborate with the coding example: code public class mytask extends AsyncTask. On the ui thread execute two tasks mytask mt1 new mytask. Execute(args mytask mt2 new mytask. Execute(args /code in the above code both the execute calls will return immediately and free up the ui thread; however mt1 will be executed first and mt2 will have to wait until mt1 finishes. Thanks to the android's open source, we can see implementation of AsyncTask. Java in my project and changed the value of core_pool_size.

And here are the two timerTasks: code. As you can see, i just call a method after 5 resp. From time to time i would like to pause the "countdown". This means i want that the time until the 5 seconds are passed isn't running anymore. And then in a later point in time, i would like to resume.

How can i achieve that? View 1 Replies view Related Sep 29, 2010 I suspect this will only have been noticed by people who listen to audio books! After pausing playback (standard music app) then coming back to it a number of hours later, playback resumes a minute or 2 back from where it was paused. Which is rather annoying! Guess a different music app might help, but I'm otherwise happy with the standard player. Anyone else come across the same issue?

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Advertisement, jan 20, 2009, how to thesis pause and resume the activity? View 3 Replies, view Related. Aug 28, 2009, i am learning about Opengl and managed to write a prototype game using vbo buffers. If I start the application from Eclipse or adb, everything works fine until I press the back or home button. If I restart the application either by a long press on home and selecting my program or by restarting it from the applications, i sometimes get a black screen and the logCat shows this error: code. I am aware that it is probably a wrong setting in my program's flow, but i am not fluently enough with OpenGL. View 10 Replies, view Related. Jul 30, 2010, i'm calling this tasks: code.

pause and resume

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Htc desire : MP3 pause And Resume. Android : Concurrency Of AsyncTasks, android : Periodically Executing AsyncTasks? Android : Running Multiple AsyncTasks At The same time - not Possible? Android : Same Activity called Twice - multiple AsyncTasks? Android : AsyncTask essay Preformance Issue on Many AsyncTasks Spawning. Android : Super Slow Apps caused by large number Of Unending AsyncTasks. Android : Preferences Not saved When Resume App. Android : Video restart Or Resume. Android : launching Correct Activity On Resume.

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Mar 19, 2010, i have an AsyncTask that acts as a countdown timer for my game. When it completes the countdown it displays the out of time end screen and it also updates the timer displayed on the screen. Everything works fine, except I need to be able to pause essays and resume this when the pause button in the game is pressed. If I cancel it and try to re-execute it, it crashes with an IllegalStateException. If I cancel it and instantiate a new AsyncTask in its place the old one begins to run again and the new one runs at the same time. Is there a way to cancel/pause the timer and restart it using AsyncTasks or is there a different way i should be going about doing this? View 3 Replies, similar Messages: Android : pause n resume The Activity? Android : Opengl and pause - resume. Android : Possibility to pause resume a timerTask?

Pause and resume
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  1. Hello, i'm looking for a guide if i can pause the step and wait until user press the submit button. When you are ready to start investing in you again, just toggle. Pause, investments to off.

  2. Pause link next to the student. Resume link next to the student. Pause and, resume - java. Pause and, resume by Click, is it possible?

  3. And resume by keypress? If you want to pause in draw, use noloop if you want to resume use loop. To pause and resume for an individual student.

  4. Pausing and resuming Threads can be easily implemented by using synchronized blocks. Lucky me, like any other developer, i found the answer where it should be: stackoverflow. This is as you see a very short post, as I havent solved.

  5. If you want to stop syncing because you are on a metered connection, you can. Pause and, resume your sync. Everything works fine, except I need to be able to pause and resume this when the pause button in the game is pressed. Pause and, resume, threads Indefinitely.

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