Janitor duties and responsibilities resume

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janitor duties and responsibilities resume

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2 gather and empty trash. 3 service, clean, and supply restrooms. 4 follow procedures for the use of chemical cleaners and power equipment, in order to prevent damage to floors and fixtures. 5 monitor building security and safety by performing such tasks as locking doors after operating hours and checking electrical appliance use to ensure that hazards are not created. 6 move heavy furniture, equipment, and supplies, either manually or by using hand trucks. 7 mow and trim lawns and shrubbery, using mowers and hand and power trimmers, and clear debris from grounds. Notify managers concerning the need for major repairs or additions to building operating systems. 9 remove snow from sidewalks, driveways, and parking areas, using snowplows, snow blowers, and snow shovels, and spread snow melting chemicals.

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Remember not to greek include references available Upon Request — that is unprofessional.) Didnt get the specific answers you wanted from this page? Please leave a comment with your question or visit Resume genius on Facebook, twitter, google Plus, or Linkedin to ask. And if you really liked the sample, dont forget to pin it on Pinterest! Basic Job Description: keep buildings in clean and orderly condition. Perform heavy cleaning duties, such as cleaning floors, shampooing rugs, washing walls and glass, and removing rubbish. Duties may include tending furnace and boiler, performing routine maintenance activities, notifying management of need for repairs, and cleaning snow or debris from sidewalk. Part 1, duties / driving Tasks, part 2, activities. Part 3, skills, part 4, abilities, part. Knowledge, job, duties and Tasks for: janitor and Cleaner" 1). Clean building floors by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, or vacuuming them.

Find out how to do that here. Dont Forget your Education With regards to the Educational Section — if you attended a university degree program or community college program, you should not include high school experiences. If you didnt attend a higher educational institution, then including your high school is appropriate. If you have any questions about how to write a janitor resume, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page. And remember — you can download the resume template at the top of the page, and modify it to match your own experience. See also janitor maintenance cover Letters. Action Verbs for a janitor Resume Apply Inspect Remove assist driver maintain Replace build Monitor Sanitize clean Observe shovel Gather Record Sweep Discover every action verb in the universe, here. How to Write a janitor Resume video watch this brief video to get a firm grasp on what makes a strong janitor resume : Other good Janitor Samples Janitor m (Note: The formatting on this page is a bit wonky, but the content is fairly.

janitor duties and responsibilities resume

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That will depend whether your work experience was consistent, or had gaps. Click here to learn which one you should write. Include relevant skills your Additional skills section should only include relevant skills. Andy has many skills relevant to being a janitor — these four in particular. Basic to moderately difficult repairs heating, venting, air Conditioning, hvac/r certificate power drills, mowers, ratchets Bilingual in Spanish/English Since youre a professional janitor, its likely that you have developed many skills that can help you find new employment quickly, or help you achieve a higher position. Andy even has a certifications section — if you have any, feel free to create your own, too. If you need help brainstorming skills to include check out these popular marketing skills for plumbers. Rg tip to write a strong resume, your job duties must be described in terms of the skills and abilities youve learned to complete those tasks.


Make your Professional Experience count This resume has three particularly well written bullet points, because they are quantified (which means described numerically). The numbers describe both the size of the establishment the applicant worked in, and his achievements. We have bolded the areas where the bullet points are quantified: Manage carpet cleaning, vacuuming, floor care, trash removal and restroom cleaning for a hotel of 300 rooms and 140 customers per day trained 2 janitors successfully in all aspects of cleaning, maintenance, and safety. Describe the size and scope of your job responsibilities, or how many people you trained or supervised. It helps the hiring manager grasp the size and scope of your previous duties, and will make your resume stand out. The best resumes are achievement oriented — click here to learn in detail how to write an achievement oriented resume. In addition, your resume will need to be formatted in one of three formats: reverse-chronological, functional, or combination style.

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janitor duties and responsibilities resume

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Education bratwurst high school chicago, il diploma, june 2007 gpa.5/4.0 Click here to read more about the Education section additional skills ability to complete basic to moderately difficult repairs, including electrical skills Expert with common hand and power tools for repair and maintenance (power. Certifications heating, venting, air Conditioning and Refrigeration (hvac/R) Certificate Professional Janitor Resume tips If you are writing your resume as a professional janitor, you may be hoping to earn more money, transfer jobs, or attain a managerial role. You are in luck, as the maintenance industry is growing faster than national averages. The resume sample on this page is an excellent guide for you to follow when writing your own resume. . We recommend that you read our analysis of this resume, so that you can build a professional and effective resume that will land you more interviews. Be sure to read our Resume Writing 10 Commandments as a supplement to this guide, to make sure youre essay not committing any major resume sins. Target your Career Objective a well written janitor resume stands out by including key relevant skills (also known as resume builders) that are directly applicable or transferable into the janitorial profession.

S bureau of Labor Statistics The career Objective is meant to give a brief and impactful introduction to you as a person and as a potential employee. Dont waste any space in the career Objective section, or make it too long. Above all, remember that the career Objective is meant to convey how youll help the company, not how the company can help you. This particular resume does that well, starting off by including relevant skills, licenses and certificates, language ability, and years of experience. Here are the four eye-catching parts of this samples Career Objective: 7 years of experience Proven management skills hvac/r certificate bilingual in Spanish/English The applicant has 7 years of experience as a janitor already, and mentions that fact right away, as such a vast amount of experience. Andy also mentions his hvac/R certification and bilingual ability, which are very hobbit relevant and useful skills for a janitor to have.

Table of Contents: Professional, janitor, resume, sample, related Resumes cover Letter Sample. Professional, janitor, resume (Text Format professional, janitor, resume. Tips, other good, janitor, samples, professional, janitor, resume, sample, candidate is applying for a managerial role. Candidate has over 7 years of experience. Candidate emphasizes knowledge of tools, osha regulations, and cleaning products.

Candidate made a certifications section to display his skills. Make a resume in minutes click here to download this, janitor resume, rg tip, click the following images to view the samples. Resume, samples by industry, professional, janitor, resume (Text Format) 1342 south Street, jacksonville, fl 23134 (212) 204-5645, janitor with 7 years of experience of hotel and school maintenance, following safety regulations and working with teams to achieve institutional efficiency goals. Aiming to leverage my proven management skills and vast skill set to fill effectively fill the managerial role at your university. I am a dedicated worker with a strong work ethic, possess an hvac/r certificate, and am bilingual in Spanish/English. Click here to learn how to target your career objective. Professional experience* the regal jacksonville, fl hotel Janitor September 2010 Present Manage carpet cleaning, vacuuming, floor care, trash removal and restroom cleaning for a hotel of 300 rooms and 140 customers per day trained 2 janitors successfully in all aspects of cleaning, maintenance, and safety.

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Clean and service restrooms buy with mops and disinfectants. Mow lawns, trim shrubbery, plant flowers, and apply pesticides. Move heavy equipment and furniture. Identify and report possible repairs. Fix minor plumbing leaks. Shovel snow from sidewalks and sprinkle salt on surface. Spray insecticides and fumigants to prevent insect and rodent infestation.

janitor duties and responsibilities resume

Clean and disinfect laboratory equipment. Monitor building security and safety by resume performing such tasks as locking doors after operating hours and checking electrical appliance use to ensure that hazards are not created. Use cleaning solutions to remove stains and clean surfaces. Mix various cleaning agents. Clean windows, glass partitions, and mirrors, using soapy water or other cleaners, sponges, and squeegees. Dust furniture and scrub surfaces clean. Apply wax to coat floors and buff. Apply sealant to floors.

combination of experience and/or education from which comparable knowledge, skills, and abilities have been achieved. Next: Custodian lead Job Description. Job Summary, responsible for cleaning buildings, removing debris, and keeping areas neat and tidy. Vacuums and buffs floors, shampoos carpets, empties trash receptacles, and replace lining of trash cans. Primary responsibilities, sweep and mop floors. Clean buildings by emptying trash, sweeping, and cleaning surfaces.

Cleans restrooms and fills dispensers. Vacuums, spot cleans, and/or shampoos filsafat rugs, carpets, and furniture using commercial-type vacuum cleaners and shampooing equipment. Reports malfunction of bathroom fixtures, light fixtures, and/or damages to room and hall furnishings to supervisor. Stocks area with appropriate supplies. Locks and unlocks doors as directed. Initiates work orders for repair/maintenance. Moves furniture, equipment, or fixtures as required. Washes dishes or utensils as required. May shovel and remove snow and ice from designated areas such as sidewalks, entryways, and roofs as required.

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Job search job title, keywords, company, location jobs by, purpose of Classification: Cleans classrooms, dorm rooms, lab rooms, and offices of assigned buildings on rainbow the University campus. This classification is entry level. Working conditions include restricted movement, dirty environment, lifts or carries heavy objects. Distinguishing Characteristics: This is first in a series of five classifications. This classification typically reports to the custodian lead. Examples of Duties: Sweeps, mops, polishes, and strips floors in rooms and halls. Dusts and/or polishes furniture, blinds, and equipment.

Janitor duties and responsibilities resume
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  2. Explore these related job titles from our database of hundreds of thousands of expert-approved resume. Use this, janitor resume sample and. Describe the size and scope of your job responsibilities. Hr-proven resume templates, built-in job description bullet.

  3. Check out our complete. Looking for cover letter ideas? Custodian job description, including duties, tasks, skills, and responsibilities. Janitor, duties and Responsibilities.

  4. Janitor job description, including duties, tasks, skills, and responsibilities. Janitor or Cleaner sample job descriptions, sample job responsibilities for, janitor or Cleaner, janitor or Cleaner job profile, job role, sample job description for. Detailed job descriptions of various positions, including duties, major responsibilities, required job skills, knowledge, working experience, and education qualifications. Janitor resume samples to help you improve your own resume.

  5. Job description and duties for, janitor and Cleaner. See how to write The perfect. 9) Remove snow from sidewalks, driveways, and parking areas.

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